ON THE FOLLOWING PAGES I WILL PROVIDE YOU THE DETAILS FROM MY INTERVIEW WITH JOHN PATRICK MOLINA. (As he shared ideas about his ideal wallet, my interpretations to his talk are provided below).


Guitar represents Patrick’s love for music. He is also a worship leader at our local church and the guitar indicates that the melody he’s singing is what connects me to the heart of worship.

The Quill Pen (feather pen) represents his love for writing. Been a campus journalist since Grade 3 and writing he thinks it is something that brings out the best in him. As someone who does content writing services, writing is also his bread and butter for the past 4 years because, he started his business since 2017.

JP — initials of his name, John Patrick. This is to establish his identity on the wallet, that it belongs to him.

1 Corinthians 13:13 (This is actually one of his favorite verse. He put it here as a reminder that as a follower of God, love is what connects him to Him. Faith allows Patrick to conquer his fears and Hope is what puts him to always try on things I’m very passionate about but above all, Love is what provides him the reason why he’s pursuing the things Patrick believe would make himself happy and successful. Surely, without love, his work would be meaningless and my life would be pointless)

Receipts according to him it represents him being an independent person. He added, “Whenever I open my wallet, the receipts are there to remind that I am already somehow doing good in my life. I am a self-sustaining individual — I pay my tuition fees, our family’s monthly electric and Internet bills. These are blessings given by God that I am very grateful about made possible by my content writing services.”

3 ATM Cards — the 1st one for savings (for his dream house, dream car and dream family), the 2nd one for monthly personal allowances (tithes, skincare products, clothing etc.) and the 3rd one for monthly expenses (internet, tuition, electric).

Philippine Money — of course, who would not want a lot of money on their wallets. A wallet will never be a wallet if there’s no money contained inside it.


To know John Patrick well here are deeper interpretations gathered from the interview:

As a person who is very much linked with writing and music, the wallet holds much of how Patrick and others see him as a person. It serves as an open window for them to see what he can offer and who he is as a person of grit and grace. However, what he want people to interestingly see here is his love for the Lord as indicated much by the bible verse contained supposedly on the “picture section” of the wallet. For other people, what they usually put there is a picture of their family or a picture of their dog or most of the time, their personal pictures but for his ideal wallet, he want to put here a beautiful reminder that his life should not only revolve on his family or on his desires and dreams but rather to the One who is giving him these and that is the Lord Jesus. It also somehow represents his born-again story, when he got to know Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior way back 2015. He was so filthy back then. Patrick was consumed much by materialism thinking that every treasure and money here on Earth is what really matters. He was a person also back then who works for pride not for love. And when he encountered the Lord Jesus Christ, he was saved from that kind of life. This is the reason why 1 Corinthians 13:13 is on that picture section. It’s a reminder for him that love should be the center of everything — not our love for ourselves or for our family or for our work, but our love to God who provides and sustains him with everything.


  1. Create a sustainable future for his family and for his future family.

2. Provide materials for their Sunday mission activities at church.

3. Show to the world that faith moves mountains and what hinders its success is fear.

4. Graduate with Latin Honors.

5. See changes in his behavior especially with how he handle social pressure.

6. Expand his business’ territory and sales.


Every thing that we have in the world are blessings from God. Sometimes they are given as rewards and sometimes, they are given as tests of our character. But most of the time, they are given to us so we could be a vessel to extend God’s love to others.

Getting to know him more :)


(21 years old, a freelance content writer and creator residing at Candon City, Ilocos Sur. At present, he is a 2nd year BA Communication student at Saint Louis University.)

Needs a way to excel on his studies while serving God and doing content writing services at the same time

But he cannot serve two or three masters. Thus, he has to choose what area to focus the most and what area is the least.


Problem Statement: John Patrick finds it very difficult to manage his time to exert the same level of effort and commitment to his studies, church duties and business endeavors.




  1. Focus more on studies then second is to the ministry and the least is the business.
  2. Consult with mentors (parent, teacher, pastor, spiritual leader).
  3. Listen to time and commitment management podcasts/webinars.
  4. Attend with a guidance counselling session.
  5. Give up ministry and business and focus only on studying.

Feedbacks of John Patrick Molina

  • For him, his ministry is his priority and next is his academic life then the least one is his writing gigs.
  • Consulting with his mentors is ideal and realistic. This can be pursued.
  • Listening to podcasts/webinars is not convenient to him due to online class schedule and other personal commitments
  • Attending guidance counselling sessions is also ineffective because he prefers to do it face-to-face not by mere teleconferencing.
  • He cannot give up his ministry. It’s his first love. For him, he can balance both worlds.



There is no need to generate a new solution, John Patrick agreed to the fourth solution listed above, which is to provide John Patrick Molina, a counselling session with his mentors.




+ What worked…

Ø The colors are eye friendly

Ø The font is readable

Ø The infographic is engaging

- What could be improve…

  • Add more graphic representations
  • Series of infographics should be given weekly

? Questions …

  • How can I be assured that this infographic could bring out my desired results?
  • Will this be sustainable?

! Ideas …

We cannot serve two or three masters or more at the same time. One receives greater attention and the other one receives lesser.


1. How did talking to your interviewee inform/influence your design?

I have a great time talking to my interviewee, I was enlightened on how others measure the things that will give them an identity as a person by putting everything in a small wallet. All the details are necessary and are meaningful to each other. After the interview I was inspired to his story however, my interviewee still faces a lot of hurdles and obstacles in his life. So, the design I made was colorful yet there were lines that aren’t straight because it represents the life of my interviewee. Lastly, I gave topics for the counseling so he can choose, and attend. These are influenced by the topics he mostly like.

2. How did testing and getting feedback impact your final design?

The way my interviewee told me his feedback and the possible changes that I could make, it was very gentle that I can learn from it and realize the designs that are better and suit his story more. That is why it impacted a lot to my final design, I followed the corrections and advice which made my final design better.

3. What was the most challenging part of the process for you?

For me, the most challenging part would be building the solution which is the prototype. Because, it requires creativity and also sufficient knowledge, so, the interviewee can make up his mind and follow it to cope up from his problems. The planning of the prototype is requires time and researches so I can create the most suitable solution for my interviewee.


Interviewee: John Patrick Molina

Interviewer: Leila N. Bation

Published: June 25, 2021




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